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Who Pays the Home Buyer's Agent?

whopaysabuyersagent | homebuyer real estate buyers brokerBoth seller's agent fees and buyer agent's fees are part of a typical real estate transaction and are included in the final negotiated purchase price of the property. There should be no additional fees to the buyer for a buyer's agent above and beyond the negotiated purchase price of a home unless specifically agreed in writing between the buyer and agent before an offer is made.

In most cases, the seller's agent pays the buyer's agent for bringing the buyer, negotiating the purchase price and terms, writing a legally correct offer, coordinating inspections, responses, and financing plus handling numerous additional details on the buyer's side of the transaction.

Buyers should avoid contacting seller's agents and sellers directly unless they are comfortable negotiating and representing themselves. That is why it is important for buyers to choose their agents BEFORE they begin looking at homes or as soon as possible if they have begun looking.

Did you know that fewer than one percent of the agents and brokers in Massachusetts have committed to being 100% loyal to their buyers 100% of the time?

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