Buying and Selling Simultaneously

Buying & Selling Simultaneously

Real estate transactions are typically complex, often stressful and usually time consuming.

Selling one property in order to move to another property is even more challenging because the sale and purchase need to be timed and financed perfectly to be sure that one of the transactions does not fail to close on schedule, which could put the other transaction and your deposit money at risk.

Some agents specialize in coordinating buying and selling transitions to make them easier and less risky for their clients.

Why not let a MABA Agent take the worry and stress out of your transition from one home to the next.  You can relax knowing that a MABA broker will represent your best interests each step of the way.

Selecting the Right Homebuyer's agent

home buyer agent photo | homebuyer real estate buyers brokerUnlike most other real estate agents, a MABA home buyer's broker never represents both a buyer and seller in the same transaction so you never have to worry whether a MABA agent is really looking out for your best financial interests. A MABA buyer's agent acts as your advocate, real estate educator, advisor and negotiator, always loyal to you and dedicated to helping you find and buy the best home with the best terms at the price and showing you which homes to avoid along the way.

Fewer than one percent of the agents and brokers in Massachusetts meet our high standards. 

Whether you are ready to buy now or just beginning your home buying journey, click here to choose a Great Buyer's Agent to answer all of your home buying questions!  


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Fewer than 1 Percent of Massachusetts Agents meet our high standards

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