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Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents (MABA), is a non-profit organization of real estate professionals specializing in working for only you, the home buyer, during the home buying process. No conflict of interests.

Buyer agents save time and money, and eliminate hassle. Don’t assume other real estate professionals have the same commitment. Hiring a MABA buyer agent does not cost you any more than working with any other real estate agent. MABA will likely save you time and money.

Selecting the right buyer’s agent

Unlike most other buyer’s brokers, a MABA buyer’s broker never represents both a buyer and seller in the same transaction so you never have to guess whether a MABA agent is really looking out for your best interests.

A MABA buyer’s agent acts as your advocate, real estate educator, advisor and negotiator, always loyal to you and dedicated to getting you the best home at the best price

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"The MABA agent helped us find the perfect home for us at the right price and we felt extremely good about the final deal."

Heath and Erica

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"Thanks to our MABA agent's knowledge, analysis, and guidance, when we found our house, we knew it was the house for us. During the negotiation, we felt confident and secure."

Samantha and Brendan

Massachusetts Home Buyers Save Time and Money with MABA

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