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“House Party” is®’s official podcast about the overlapping worlds of real estate and pop culture, hosted by Natalie WayErik Gunther, and Rachel Stults. Click the player above to hear our takes on this week’s hot topics.

For our 50th episode (!!!), our colleague Clare Trapasso,’s deputy news editor, breaks down the ripple effect that coronavirus is having on the U.S. housing market. What might happen to real estate as the global pandemic continues to spread?

Other topics we cover:

  • In lighter news, an insane “Star Wars”–themed basement inspired us to discuss what would be in our fantasy spaces. Is it possible to build a 5,000-square-foot hot tub?
  • We reveal our true feelings (and don’t hold back) about she sheds and man caves.
  • We continue our new segment, “The Mailbox,” in which we read and answer listener letters from our inbox. (It’s open, y’all! We’d love to hear from you: [email protected])
  • A Valentine’s Day–appropriate discussion turns to Jack-and-Jill sinks. (Are they really worth it?)
  • And, of course, we cover the week’s celebrity real estate winner and loser.

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Stories we discussed on ‘House Party’ this week:

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$26.5M Hidden Hills Mansion With Stupendous ‘Star Wars’ Basement Lands on Market

‘Help, My Husband and I Can’t Agree on a House!’

My Biggest Remodeling Regret? Double Bathroom Sinks

No Longer a Housewife, Bethenny Frankel Sells Her SoHo Loft at a Loss

Lance Armstrong Lists His Beloved Aspen, CO, Family Retreat for $14.5M

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